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Bear Enters a Mall In Pittsburgh

a bear cub entering the mall in Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaA bear entered a shopping mall in Pittsburgh last Saturday.

The 120 pound bear was roaming around a Pittsburgh mall parking lot around 8:30 pm. People were chasing it with their cars, according to a witness.

The frightened cub ran towards the mall to get away from the cars. It was able to enter a Sears store using the automatic doors.

He soon ran up and down the aisles. Shoppers were frightened and were evacuated out of the store.

Wildlife conservation officers were able to trap the bear between double doors and shot it with tranquilizers.

The transquilizers did not take effect immediately. The bear wandered around for about an hour in the mall before falling asleep.

The cub was carried out of the store using a shopping cart while shoppers gathered around to take pictures.

Officials say the bear wearing a tracking collar and were unsure of the its origins.

It is unclear as to where they will be taking the bear cub.

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