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Belvedere Vodka’s Ad angers public for promoting rape

Backlash over Belvedere Vodka’s recent ad fumed on Facebook.

The ad was posted on Facebook on Saturday. It depicted a frightened woman with a man holding her from behind. To add to that image was the smile on the man’s face and the words, “Unlike some people, Belvedere always goes down smoothly.”

Bloggers and commentators were angered by the ad saying the image was encouraging sexual assault.

Belvedere has since removed the ad, but the backlash continued.

One Twitter user said, “FAIL. Never touching your product ever again.”

Another commentator on the company’s Facebook page wrote, “Belvedere Vodka, your apology is insufficient as it does not accept responsibility for promoting rape-culture.”

The ad is no longer on Facebook, but we’ve posted it here. Tell us what you think of it. Does it promote rape or are commentators overreacting to it?

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