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Biggie’s Daughter Gets Tattoo In Honour Of Him (PHOTO)


Biggie’s daughter gets a tattoo to honour her late father, Notorious B.I.G.

Tyanna showed off her new tattoo on Instagram. The letters B.I.G. were tattooed inside her bottom lip. She captioned the photo: “Business instead of games!”


This is the second tattoo she has inked on her to honour her dad. She previously got a tattoo of her dad as an angel on her back.


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  • dorrin

    I really doubt that she got to know her father well. May be that’s why she tattooed herself

  • Paloma

    She truly loved her father.

  • Tobit

    I would do anything to praise God and remember his goodness, but human being NO,.

  • Hanks

    Tattoo in the mouth, in the name of praising someone,OH NO,That is too much of a sacrifice

  • Hudson

    It is a good thing so that she may live with her father’s memory forever

  • Gracia

    These Americans are funny. Why would anyone decide to put a a tattoo inside their mouth?

  • Liz

    Like father, like daughter. Anyway, good for her.