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Dumb Blonde Hooters Girl Ruins Baseball Game (VIDEO)

A Hooters girl interrupts a baseball game between Tampa Bay Rays and Philadelphia Phillies.

Priscilla Daughtry, wearing the trademark Hooters vest and tiny red shorts, scoops up a ball still in play and hands it to a young fan in the crowd.



Only when another fan informed her that the ball was still in play that she realized she made a mistake. She realizes that she has interrupted the game.

“As soon as I saw it coming to me I just got anxious and I scooped it right up and went over there to hand it to him (referring to the young fan).”

“Obviously, I didn’t know that it was a fair ball still in play until the fan in front of the little boy informed me.”

She added: “I didn’t really know how to react, so, that’s why I covered my face.”

Priscilla, who works at the Hooters in Clearwater, have been recognized by customers there.

Apparently, this is the second incident of this kind according to the commentators at the game.


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  • Mosses Todd

    I don’t believe her,

  • Jenny Patriciah

    May be it was not a mistake, it is likely she wanted to be noticed

  • Shalon Marcors

    Spectators should always be keen to avoid such mistakes in future

  • William Stephens

    She already explained that she didn’t know the ball was the one still in field, it was just a mistake .