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Bloody Ceremony In A Muslim Mosque To Mourn Martyr

Shiite Muslims flagellate themselves during a holy procession to pay respect to the Prophet Mohammad and his martyred grandson.

Blood splatters can be seen on the floor of a mosque where Shiite Muslims flagellate themselves during the procession.

The Prophet Mohammad’s grandson, Imam Hussein, was slain in the seventh century by his political rivals. Seventy-two of his companions were also killed. Some of the bodies were also mutilated.

Muslims took part in processions where it also involves walking on burning coals and carrying a ‘Tazia’, a replica of the coffin of Hussein.

The participants gather for ceremonial chest beating as a display of devotion to remember the Hussein’s suffering and that the oppression will not last.

  • Maria

    Offff!! It’s really scary!

  • Virat

    Don’t know, why they do this?

  • Rahim Zafar

    Islam didn’t tell Muslims to kill himself for remembering any of the previous Muslims leader. They can just pray for their soul. But, this is really awkward!

    • Ramon

      Yeah! You’re right.

  • Masum

    “SIYA” Muslims does this in every year and many of them died after doing that bloody stuff!

  • Daniel

    I’m also know a little bit about this ceremony as I passed some days in Iraq :(

  • Samia

    Actually all the Muslims doesn’t do this stuff! Specially from the Muslims of Iran and Iraq do that as they over believe this day!

  • Clara

    Ogghhhh! What type of tradition is it? So, why a man need to cut off his body? Strange!!

  • William B

    It’s their tradition!