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Bowling Alley Uses Rape In Ad

A New York bowling alley uses rape as part of their marketing ad.

Bowlmor Lanes created an ad with the featured tagline: “Getting jumped in an alley has never been this much fun.”

The ad has created controversy as Manhattan’s incidents of rape and attempted rape has increased in recent years.

NOW-NYC has criticized Tom Shannon, the company’s CEO, and the MTA for the ads. However, Shannon sent them a letter stating, “The ads are humorous and flirtatious… NOW’s position on this is extreme and laughable.”

The company seems to stand by the ad.

Meanwhile, New York Times reported that a group of politicians held a news conference to discuss the increase in sexual violence in the city.

NOW-NYC is urging people to call city subway officials if the ads make them angry.

Tell the MTA to remove this ad from our city subways: or call 511
Call out CBSOutdoor, the company responsible for subway ad space: 800.926.8834 or
Call out Bowlmor CEO Tom Shannon on his ad:, 212-777-2214

What do you think of the ad? Do you feel it features rape?

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  • Michael

    What types of ad it is ?? Huhhh!!! They should removed it quickly :(

  • Marielle Ford

    It is one of the factor indulging incidence of rape, definitely it should be removed!

  • Sheryl A.

    Well I think there’s nothing bad with this ad, it is just using words to attract more people. :-)

  • Jane

    The ad has a malicious content and should be removed. There are a lot of young people out there, that could view it! What do you think this young one’s put in their small mind?

  • Adam Kimberlin

    This ad should be removed.