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Boy Builds An Arcade Out of Cardboard Boxes

A 9-year-old boy built an entire arcade out of cardboard.

Caine Monroy’s father said he loved taking things apart, but was never be able to put them back together. To his surprise, Caine started to build arcade games out of cardboard boxes in his garage.

At first, no one wanted to play his makeshift arcade even though it only cost pennies to play.

He eventually caught the attention of Nirvan Mullick, a filmmaker, who was his first customer. He was so impressed with Caine’s inventiveness that he soon organized a Flashmob surprise for the little boy.

On Sunday October 2nd, Caine was surprised by a Flashmob that wanted to support him.

An L.A. pinball shop also took notice of the creative boy and asked him to check out her store. Caine, for the first time in his life, played on a real pinball machine.

Not only did he get to have fun, but he was in for another big surprise. The store owner of Pins and Needles offered to give him one of the pinball machines for FREE.

Caine has yet to choose which one of the vintage machines he would like to keep for himself.

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