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Boy Falls From Mall’s Third Floor

A little boy climbed on an escalator hand belt and fell three floors down. The video was captured by the mall’s surveillance cameras.

The 5-year-old boy named Ilya was with his mother Tatiana and his sister, Olesya, at a shopping mall. The boy wasn’t too far from the women when he decided walk ahead of them and climb the escalator. He attempted to slide down the railing.

His mother and sister tried to pull him off the escalator rail, but was unable to get him off. The boy fell down three floors.

Another surveillance camera captured his fall from the ground floor. You can clearly see that shoppers were shocked by what they just saw. The boy was carried off by a man, possibly another shopper.

Although he fell three floors, Ilya only suffered minor injuries.

image of a boy being carried off by good samaritan after he fell three floors in a mall

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