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Boy Killed Girl Over Facebook Comments

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A 15-year-old boy killed a girl over Facebook comments.

Jinhua K. of the Netherlands received a sentence of one year in detention for killing the teen girl.

He confessed to killing the teenage girl after he was convinced by the girl’s friend to do so. He also attempted to kill the girl’s father.

According to reports, the sentence handed to the boy was the harshest available for a minor. He must also undergo psychiatric treatment for three years at the juvenile centre.

The victim, Joyce “Winsie” Hau, had a falling out with her friend Polly after she posted a comment on Facebook.

Polly and her boyfriend, Wesley, allegedly offered Jinhua $1000 euro and promised to pay for drinks after he finished the deed. Jinhua did not know the victim.

The prosecution told the court that the couple planned the murder for weeks. They pressured Jinhua and threatened to kill him if he did not do what they told him to do. The trial for the couple will start this week.

The case, now dubbed as the “Facebook murder,” caused a debate about the role of social media in violent crime.

A letter from Joyce Hau’s father was sent to court. It stated: “I notice that children are becoming more and more violent. They’re not respectful. They don’t think about others. I hope that you, as a judge, politicians, parents and our entire society, will do something to stop this.”

He also stated that he was “not happy” with the sentence handed down to the boy.

“We were powerless and so were the authorities.”

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