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Boy Mutilated By Gang So He Can Earn More Money

A seven-year-old boy was mutilated so he would earn more money as a beggar.

The boy who lives in Bangladesh recognized the men and told them he would tell his father. The men decided to torture him by cutting off his penis, bashing his head with a brick, and leaving him for dead on the streets.

This despicabe practice was protrayed in the movie Slumdog Millioaire in 2008 where a child in India was deliberately blinded to bring in more money.

CNN’s Freedom Project uncovered the boy’s story. The boy cannot be identified so they named him Okkhoy, a Bengali word meaning “ubreakable.”

In 2010, Okkhoy was lured by three local children from his home by promising to give him candy.

A group of neighborhood men grabbed him and took him to a alley. They bound his hands and feet and told him they will force him to beg.

Soon after Okkhoy told the men that he recognized them, they decided to kill him instead.

One man bashed a brick on the boy’s head that knocked him unconscious. While he lay there, the men slashed his throat and sliced his chest ad belly in an upside down cross. They also cut off his penis.

They left him by the side of a warehouse where the his attackers planned to come back later to rid of his body in the river.

Okkhoy was found by his mother who was looking for him. She stumbled on his blood-soaked body.

She carried him to the side of the main road where Okkhoy’s father was.

“It felt like the sky fell on me,” he said.

Okkhoy was hospitalized in Dhaka, but doctors could not repair his severed organ.

Abed was also shocked that the police would not investigate when he reported the attack. According to Abed, a man pretending to be Okkhoy’s uncle, reported that the boy was attacked by two other boys in a playground fight.

A judge also refused to help Okkhoy. However, human rights lawyer, Alena Khan was present in the courthouse that day and wanted to publicise their case.

Khan contacted a local televisio station where the story received so much publicity that the high court was forced to order authorities to launch an inquiry.

Five suspects were rounded up and charged with attempted murder.

According to prosecutors, the gang admitted to maiming five other children and forced them to beg.

The children were kept confined in tight spaces, deprived of food, and then sent out to beg.

Abed believes the attack on Okkhoy was payback after he had a confrontation with one of the men in a tea stall.

Authorities are still looking for four others who are part of the same “beggar mafia” gang.

Okkhoy and his family have been placed in a battalion compound to ensure their safety.

A U.S. businessman, Aram Kovach, heard the story on CNN and wanted to help out okkhoy and his family. He financed their trip to the U.S.

John Gearhart, director of pediaric urology at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center in Baltimore, Maryland decided to help Okkhoy.

They were able to reconstruct Okkhoy’s genitalia by using skin from his thigh and tissue from his inner cheek lining.

Okkhoy will be able to have sensation and the organ will continue to grow as he gets older.

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  • Gracia

    Feeling sad for this baby boy.

  • Liz

    Revenge is no answer, prevention is the only answer.

  • Fatema

    Huh! It’s a common affair the poor children’s of Bangladesh :(