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Boy Suspended For Singing “I’m Sexy And I Know It”

A Colorado first grade student came back to school after a three-day suspension.

What was he suspended for?

Singing the song “Sexy and I Know It.”

D’Avonte Meadows of Sable Elementary School in Aurora was suspended from school last week for
singing the hit song. School officials claim he sang it a female classmate and it was the second time he did.

His mother, Stephanie Meadows, told Vinnie Politan of HLN that her 6-year-old son was trying to impress the girl.

“It’s an adolescent boy that possibly likes a girl and doesn’t understand, ‘Hey, I like you and I put it in those terms,’ ” Stephanie Meadows said.

“That’s the adolescent mind.”

While D’Avonte have been allowed back in school, his family is still fighting to get his suspension for “sexual harrassment” removed from his record.

The school district released a statement that explained their policy on “Offensive behavior” where
they defined “sexual harrassment.”

The statement said:

“‘Sexual harassment’ refers to behavior which is not welcome, is personally offensive and, therefore, interferes with the learning of the victim(s) and sometimes their peers.”

“This is not a criminal definition of sexual harassment; it is one that is focused on providing a
safe learning environment for all Aurora Public School students.”

When asked why he sang, D’Avonte said that he loves to sing.

“Karaoke is fun.”

He added,”[I’m Sexy and I Know] is on every commercial, Elmo, and the M&Ms and on demand.”

Meadows has since instructed her son not to sing the LMFAO song in school anymore.

Do you think school officials overreacted to the boy’s song choice?

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