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Boy With 25 Fingers And Toes

A four-year-old boy has 25 fingers and toes.

Arpan Saxena has a two rare genetic disorders. Polydactyl causes the person to have more fingers and toes. Syndactyl causes the fingers and toes to be fused together.

Arpan has 13 fingers and 12 toes, but enjoys celebrity status in Bhopal, India.

The boy says he cannot walk a lot since shoes don’t normally fit him due to his excess number of toes.

Anil Saxena, Arpan’s father, said that the boy was originally born with 26 fingers and toes. He lost a finger in an accident when he was two years old.

Saxena won’t be seeking an operation to remove Arpan’s extra fingers.

“Arpan is famous all over Bhopal and we like it that way, and I am apprehensive about how an operation might affect him at this age.”

Although Arpan has 25 fingers and toys, he does not hold the world record. Akshat Saxena also from India a two-year-old boy was born with 34 fingers and toes.

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  • Mahbub

    There is a proverb in Bangladesh that, The person who have 21 or more fingers in his/her hand he/she will be a very rich man in near future! So, I think this baby boy will be a king soon! lollll 😉

  • treyzimmer

    Mutants are among us