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Boys Kick Donkey Off Cliff (VIDEO)

Two boys kicked a donkey off a cliff and videotaped their cruelty.

These boys are heartless!

The video was made allegedly by two boys in Syria. One of the boys kept kicking the donkey while the other videotaped it.

The donkey tried it’s best not to fall, but it was no match for these ruthless boys.


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  • http://Wales Libby

    In tears, how sick, you can tell by the donkeys face it was scared I’m so sick of people like this, why should they we in this world that poor donkey, I hope the boys get what’s conning to them!

    • David

      oh no poor donkey. im sick of people like you who think animals are humans.

      • Marcus

        What the hell is wrong with you, animals may not be humans, but what the hell have they done to deserve shit like this?…

  • Liz

    Umm they need to be kicked off a cliff! Eye for an eye! People these days with their self entitlement, nobody has any respect for the lives of others. Be it people or donkey or Beatle let it be! No pun intended.

  • Anonymous

    i would have kicked these kids off the cliff myself