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Bree Olson Strips for Kony 2012

Invisible Children found an unlikely ally with former adult actress, Bree Olson.

There are many who have been against the KONY 2012 video that was created by Invisible Children. It is considered to be self-serving and painted Uganda in a negative light. But Bree Olson was quite touched by the video and created her own spin for the campaign.

Olson released a video dubbed “Naked For Kony 2012.” She is featured rolling around on the beach in a bikini and poses sexily in L.A.’s Little Tokyo.

In her video, she explains: “Right now you’re watching a video of me outdoors in California, interspersed with pictures of the effect Joseph Kony had on the people of Uganda. I put the two together because I know a spoonful of
sugar helps the medicine go down.”

She had a message to Invisible children’s critics. She said, “If you’re against learning more about the world around you, even if that education comes from a video made by a charity that’s flashier than most, you’re missing the point.”

The sexy film looks more like a xxx shoot. Her message, although written intelligently, doesn’t seem to have been written by her. We just wonder who wrote it. We also doubt that Invisible Children will promote this film as they did with theirs.

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