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Bride Dumps 3 Men Then Marries A Woman

This woman dumps three men and then marries her bridesmaid. Woman who dumped three men to marry her bridesmaid

Kerry De’ath, 29, was engaged to Craig Smith, but just before the wedding day, she dumped him.

She then settled down with Dave Futter, but again left the relationship when he proposed to her.

Later, Kerry thought she found the love of her life in Nick Farmer. They booked their wedding and sent out invitations.

But weeks before the wedding day Kerry told Nick she couldn’t marry him because she was in love with her bridesmaid, Sarah Woodford.

Kerry and Sarah were wed at the same venue she and Nick booked earlier.

Kerry told the Sun that “you can’t help who you fall in love with. I settled down with men but every time they started talking about marriage I panicked. When I was making arrangements to marry Nick, Sarah sat me down on her bed and said, ‘I love you.'”

She said that the feeling “felt right.”

“I’d spent all that time worrying about marrying a man when it was a woman I was really looking for.”

Apparently, Sarah had been secretly in love with Kerry for two years. She finally found the courage to say something and didn’t expect a reaction from Kerry. Now she says she’s glad she stopped Kerry’s nuptials with Nick.

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  • Virat

    Same sex marriage :0 !!!

  • Liz

    Really interesting !!

  • Ramon

    At least the love’s gonna win.

  • Sheri

    Huh!!! Interesting 😉