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Bulgaria’s MRF Party Assaulted At Gun Point (VIDEO)

A botched assassination attempt was made on the leader of Bulgaria’s Turkish ethnic party during a televised conference on Saturday.

Ahmed Dogan, leader of Bulgaria’s Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) party was assaulted by a man while he was on stage at the National Palace of Culture.


Oktai Enimehmedov, went on stage and pointed a gun to Dogan’s head. Luckily the gun somehow got stuck and failed to shoot. Dogan was able to push away his assailant while security guards rushed to his aid.

According to reports, Enimehmedov was also attacked by delegates and other officials in the crowd.

“He was not in good shape, there was blood on his face, ” Prosecutor Nikolay Kokinov said.

“He told us his version about what motivated him, but I will not discuss it at this point.”

Enimehmedov is said to have had knives with him at the time. He also has two prior convictions, which include causing bodily harm in 2006 and drug possession.

MRF official Ceyhan Ibryamov told Reuters that Ahmed Dogan is doing fine.

“Everything is under control,” Ibryamov said.

The MRF party represents ethnic Turks and muslims in Bulgaria. Dogan is one of the most influential political figures and was planning to step down after nearly 25 years.

Lyutvi Mestan, the person who may be replacing Dogan says, “the true reason for the assault was the language of hatred and confrontation.”

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  • Fatema

    It certainly wasn’t this guys day….should’ve stayed in 😉

  • Rayan

    What kind of gun was that? I’m sure he had better chances at assassination with a Nerf gun.

  • William

    How on earth could he screw that up so badly? was it staged?

  • Povoloski

    Whatever kind of security program they have set up obviously doesn’t work.

  • Gracia

    People are tired of the political games everywhere across the globe.

  • Virat

    Good thing it wasn’t and Airsoft gun. That would really sting from that close.

  • Xamption

    Oh man I love the beat down they put on him at the end of the video. LOL

  • Daniel

    His security was way too far away. It took them forever to storm the stage.

  • Bolt

    Should bought an American-made gun. Stupid assassin.

  • Favio

    I’ve seen professional wrestling matches that were more believable.