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Bullied Teen Hangs Herself

Thirteen year old, Rachel Ehmke, hanged herself after being bullied at school.

She was a 7th grader from Kasson Mantorville Middle School. Her parents found out about the bullying when her locker was vandalized with gum and harsh words by a group of girls.

Rich Ehmke, Rachel’s father, thought she was dealing with the problem after he and school officials found out about the bullying.

Chris Flannery, another parent, said an anonymous text was received by his daughter and several other girls at school. The text had harsh words about Rachel. Two days later Rachel killed herself.

Minnesotta lacks a bullying statute. However, according to Jim Jenson, Dodge County Sheriff, prosecutors have other options like harrassment.

Rachel’s parents wished that there had been greater the consequences given for their actions. He was disappointed to see that Rachel’s school locker has never been cleaned up.

“Words hurt. Words could kill and it did.”

Hundreds attended the funeral.

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