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Woman Uppercuted By Bus Driver Speaks Out



A Cleveland, Ohio bus driver punches a woman on his bus.

The video was captured by a cellphone camera inside the bus.

The driver could be seen getting up, confronts the woman, and punches her in the face. He continued to drag her off the bus after.

He could be heard yelling “I don’t care. She wants to be a man, I’ll treat her like a man.”

The 25-year-old woman was seen by passengers threatening the driver just before the incident.

***WATCH: Original video of girl getting punched

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  • Nem

    The bus driver is cruel? Are you senile? That dumb shithead of a girl humiliated that poor guy first, she laid her hands on him first, so he has no choice but to retaliate. Alot of these dumb repugnant cunts (especially the black trashy ones) think they own every fucking thing they touch and can act in any fucking manner they wish. These ghetto hood-rats need to learn how to respect other human beings, especially bus and train drivers, since their jobs are stressful enough as it is, the drivers do not have the patience to tolerate other people’s shit while on their daily 12-hour shifts.

  • Irena

    But, what’s the reason to hit her?

    • StygianAgenda

      Because *she’s a fucking moron* and deserved it!
      What more reason do you need?

  • Stacy

    OMG.. This bus driver punches the woman so hard. He is cruel! :-(