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Butt Implants Gone Wrong: Woman Speaks Out For First Time (VIDEO)

Butt implant victim talks to Trisha about her botched butt surgery.

Talk show host, Trisha Goddard, invited Renee, who didn’t want to give her last time, to her show.

butt implants gone wrong Renee Talley


Renee tells Trisha,’I was showing my girlfriend how I could reach up under my implant and it just kind of flipped and freaked me out.’

Renee uploaded the 20-second clip in an effort to warn women of the dangers of low cost cosmetic surgery. It has been viewed more than a million times on YouTube.


The botched butt surgery gave Renee horrible disc shaped butt cheeks. This happened when the silicone implants “flipped inside out.” Renee told Trisha, “I started getting really sick. I couldn’t breathe.”

Renee has had the buttocks removed recently. But to Trisha’s surprise, she brought the over-sized implants to the show, which made the audience gasp in horror. She said she was in a lot of pain after the implants were removed.



After her ordeal, Renee warns women to make sure that the cosmetic surgeon they hire is legitimate or to avoid cosmetic surgery all together.

The video Renee posted was initially thought to be fake. However, a consultant plastic surgeon at Aurora Clinics in the UK said the clip is authentic.



He said implants can “flip” when it is not secured firmly in a pocket that the surgeon creates either between the buttock and the pelvic bone or on top of the gluteus maximus.

“It’s a complication which is relatively common following buttock implants. It shouldn’t really happen because the pocket should be snug so the implant stays where it is.”

Renee_Talley_butt implants gone wrong 2

Renee_Talley_butt implants gone wrong 3

Renee_Talley_butt implants gone wrong

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  • Anne Sheila

    We are all wonderful and fearful made in God’s image, lets stop changing the way things are supposed to be like

  • Benjamin Franklin

    Ladies, just let nature be, you were created without big butt, why is it to difficult to understand that is the God wanted it to be??

  • Danniel loyds

    I thought the woman will advise fellow women not to try any implant but on the contrally she advised them on hiring a better cosmetic surgeon, was that right really?

  • Derick

    The woman really jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire!!! sorry oh

  • Dickson

    Am certain that so many people loved and cared for this woman even without big butt, what was her problem

  • Pete Franklin

    It is a high time women stop envying others n just be comfortable the way they are,

  • Cate Williams

    This woman should stop complaining and lamenting, nobody forced her to go for butt implant,