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Casey Anthony: A Free Woman

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Casey Anthony smiling and wearing a suit at her trial
Casey Anthony will soon be a free woman as her probation for check fraud ends.

Once out of probation, she can go wherever she pleases.

Anthony’s attorney, Charles Greene, told that she will be free as of Friday, August 24 at 12 a.m.

He said: “..nobody will be able to tell her where to be.”

Anthony was acquitted last summer of killing Caylee Anthony, her 2-year-old daughter.

After her acquittal, she pleaded guilty to stealing checks from her friend Amy Huizenga. The judge sentenced her to serve one year of probation for check fraud.

Anthony was forced to serve her probation in hiding somewhere in Florida for fear of her safety. She did managed to do a phone conversation with Piers Morgan and a video diary she recorded surfaced on the web in recent months.

She was once known as America’s most hated woman, so her lawyer still fears for her safety once she is free.

Greene says that he still receives phone calls and messages from people who hate Anthony. But he hopes that some day she will be able to tell her story.

Although her probation is ending soon, unfortunately for Anthony, her legal problems are not done yet.

Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez sued Anthony for defamation. Anthony told police that Caylee was kidnapped by a babysitter and gave her name to police.

Anthony stuck with the babysitter story for three years. At the opening of her murder trial, her lawyer told the court that the babysitter never existed and that Caylee accidentally drowned in the pool.

The defamation trial is scheduled to take place in January 2013.

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