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  • Antonio

    Naughty poses are not new anymore. lol but I admire the photographer to capture a lot of this!

  • JhonX

    It’s really funny to see that. Celebs sucks :s

  • Marsha Sanchez

    It is so funny seeing celebs caught in the act! The one who captures it probably has a magnifying glass to spot them on this moment.

  • Jason

    the photographers are really good

  • Lauren Swift

    If I was a dude I would probably look too!

  • Rayan

    They really act like naughty, but the poses are really hot 😉

  • Kelly Johnson


  • Stacy

    I’m sure they weren’t actually doing what the pictures suggest.
    They probably just so happened to have their eyes passing by or something

  • Lyssa

    caught in the act! 😉

  • David

    Well is it naughty to just glance? lol