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CEO Says He Will “Start Killing People” If Obama Passes Tougher Gun Laws(VIDEO)

A CEO says he will shoot people if Obama takes executive action to pass tougher gun control policies.


James Yeager, CEO of Tactical Response, a company based in Tennessee that trains people in weapon and tactical skills, proclaimed in a video that he would “start killing people.”

The video posted on YouTube and Facebook, has Yeager calling out to gun rights advocates to “load your damn mags” and “get ready to fight” as he believes this will turn into a “civil war.”

Yeager’s video was a réponse to a statement from Vice President Joe Biden suggesting that Obama will consider using executive orders to address gun policies.

The CEO called Obama a “dictator” for considering passing legislation without Congress.

Do you think Obama passing tougher gun control laws could provoke gun advocates?

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  • Povoloski

    This man represents a large group of people who have guns and are eager to use them.

  • Rayan

    That guy must be tough look at his child size shirt. This guy is a joke. Weakling!

  • William

    There goes one of the crazies again! Proving points and taking names!

  • Xamption

    I mean, after all, the purpose of those assault weapons is to kill people. Yeah?

  • Gracia

    A typical little man with a huge complex and his willow guns. Pathetic :/

  • Virat

    Another self cultivated domestic terrorist and they’re in possession of assault rifles :(

  • Angel

    Sounds like a terrorist threat to me!

  • Steve Marcs

    The advocate should not be provoked because the laws are for protecting people.

  • Daniel

    This man should be arrested before he kills innocent persons

  • Charles

    This man is crazy, how can he swear on killing people. Are people wild animals