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Chelsea Handler & Conan O’Brien Naked In The Shower (VIDEO)

Chelsea Handler and Conan O’Brien get naked in the shower.

In an episode of “Chelsea Lately” a naked Conan confronts Chelsea in the shower stall.


Conan walks in on the naked Chelsea and turns the shower off. A surprised Chelsea turns to Conan and says, “Oh no not again. How do people keep getting in here?”


The late night host was referring to a shower scene skit with Sandra Bullock back in October.

The nude shower scene with Conan and Chelsea aired just after news broke about Jay Leno confirming that he was leaving the “Tonight Show” and will be replaced by Jimmy Fallon.



During the confrontation, Conan tells Chelsea that the studio and shower used to be his and that he was not happy about the takeover.

“This is my studio. You stole it, remember?” he says. “I still have the keys. Plus this is the best water pressure in Los Angeles.”

Chelsea Handler & Sandra Bullock's naked shower scene in October 2012.
Chelsea Handler & Sandra Bullock’s naked shower scene in October 2012.

Then Conan demands that Chelsea give back his parking space and his favourite back massager that he says Chelsea uses every day.

Chelsea fires back: “I do use that back massager, although I had no idea it was for my back.

The 38-year-old jokester then slaps Conan around after he argues that Joan Rivers was the first woman in late-night television and not her.

Chelsae dick-slaps herself with the 49-year-old Conan’s penis and in turn she dick-slapped him back, saying “Maybe I am a man,”

At the end of the video, Chelsea’s fun-loving assistant, Chuy Bravo, rolls in naked and proclaims: “I knew you had a penis!”


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