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Chidren Treated To A Striptease For Christmas? (VIDEO)

This is an odd way to celebrate Christmas.

In a video posted on YouTube, Dutch children were treated to a striptease for some sort of Christmas party.

Screen Shot 2012-12-26 at 8.06.18 AM

I try to wrap my head around the reason behind this strange “celebration.” Someone please explain to me why in the world would you have a half-naked woman pole dance for children’s entertainment!

What do you think of this video?

Screen Shot 2012-12-26 at 8.07.05 AM

Screen Shot 2012-12-26 at 8.06.38 AM

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  • Emmilio

    What was this stripper thinking? no matter how desperate we are to make money,we should think big before acting.

  • Cyrus

    God please have mercy on us, What happening to the world?

  • Evans

    This was an awkward way of celebrating.Oh please!

  • Dancan

    Dutch what is this?

  • Benedictos

    What were those parents thinking while taking their children to such entertainment.

  • Andey Roy

    Entertainment yes ‘but this one no.

  • Frolence

    What are we raising our children to be?

  • Sallley

    This is too much entertainment.

  • Thomas

    Parents where are your morals?