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Christopher Dorner: Cop Killer Found?

The manhunt for Christopher Dorner, who killed four people, ended during a shootout in a cabin located in Big Bear Lake California.

The cabin that Dorner took refuge in caught fire after officers used smoke devices to flush him out. The fire burned for hours. Later, Los Angeles authorities reported a charred body had found inside the cabin.

Authorities say that it may take days before they can identify if the body is in fact the 33-year-old ex-cop.

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said is it likely that the body is Dorner’s, but until they are sure, protection will still be given to the officers Dorner targeted.

Chris Dorner’s Manifesto:

Christopher Dorner's Manifesto [UPDATE] by


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  • Shalon Marcars

    Hope the targeted police officers are well protected.

  • Peter Steve

    This story is so complicated

  • Benjamin Franklin

    This is very dangerous, an ex-cop killed four people and still has other targets, Unbelievable.

  • Agel Mercy

    How ironic that an ex-cop is now a murder, we are not safe for sure

  • Peter Steve

    Why is the police saying that the manhunt is over and yet they are not sure whether the body is for the hunted person,