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Clubgoer Gets Shot After A Club Brawl (VIDEO)

A clubgoer was shot dead outside a Los Angeles club.

The video posted on TMZ, shows a club brawl just outside a Los Angeles club.


The two-minute video shows a group of woman punching and kicking each other first. Then later a group of men were shoving each other and continued the brawl into the streets.

Moments later gunshots were heard. The video caught a glimpse of the shooter as he shot a clubgoer in the streets.

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  • Natalia

    Am sure the police were involved,

  • Gibson

    My condolences to the family of the deceased.

  • Jason Lee

    What is wrong with people why all this shooting

  • Adam Kimberlin

    Is a celebrity somehow involved? Otherwise this is just like any other week in Detroit.

  • Povoloski

    White people are just too violent at clubs.

  • Maria

    The poor silver BMW that got stepped on. The world is so awful.

  • Gracia

    God bless America and the Second Amendment!! Feel sorry for victim and their family.

  • Liz

    LAPD is investigating? They’ll declare it a suicide.

  • Hussain

    I am shocked beyond all belief that Katt Williams was not involved.

  • Bresnan

    OK, that is horrific. I certainly hope you turned this video over to the police.