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Coca Cola Unveils ‘Coke Chase’: Is it Racist?

In previous years, Super Bowl commercials were only shown during the game. But since last year, many companies are releasing their commercials early so as to create exposure for the companies.

Coke recently released their Super Bowl commercial and has a social media aspect added into the mix as well as a bit of controversy.


The company unveiled “Coke Chase” on Monday where three teams are pitted against each other. The teams consisted of Cowboys, Mad Max style men, and showgirls. The commercial shows the three teams vying for the coke at the end of the finish line.

The commercial starts off with a man of middle-eastern descent guiding a camel in the desert. Along comes the three teams who pushes the man to the side while they pushed and bumped into each other to get to the Coca Cola first.


Some people believe that Coca Cola depicted stereotypes of Arabs along with the depiction of the “slow” camel. People saw this as Coke making Arabs weak and unable to race.

imagesSo… are people saying there’s discrimination against the camel or the man? I’m not quite sure.

Just a little trivia to our readers, horses have been proven to outrun camels. However, camels can outlast a horse in the desert. It can travel many days without food or water. Horses on the other hand can only travel half a day until they need food or water.

In the end, Coca-Cola wants people to vote who wins “Coke Chase.”

The commercial will run during the Super Bowl and the winning team will be unveiled after the game.

Do you think Coca-Cola’s commercial discriminated against middle-eastern people or perhaps camels? Perhaps Coca-Cola depicted the stereotype on purpose to create some publicity?

What do you think?

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  • Juan1

    I wanted to vote for the underdog, the camel man.  If they didn’t want to include him, why did they show him in the race?  It may not be racist but it sure looks discriminating.  I know It’s just a commercial but We should all be depicted the same.  PEACE! 

  • Dorrin

    it was just an ad no big deal.

  • Julias

    I don’t see any discrimination