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Company Pays Employees $7500 To Go On Vacation

A Denver, Colorado company pays employees to go on vacation. That’s a job many people would love to get.

Borat Lorang, CEO of software provider company in Denver FullContact, offered his employees $7,500 to go on a vacation. This is on top of their normal salary.

However, there were three rules that the employees had to follow while on vacation.

1. The employee cannot email, text, or make phone calls.

2. Employees are not allowed to work while on vacation.

3. Employees are required to go on a trip like going to Mexico.

According to Lorang, he believes all his employees deserve a vacation. He suggested $7,500 because he thinks that dollar amount is enough to give a family of a four a one week trip to Mexico.

He told reporters that the idea came about while browsing photos of his own trip to Egypt. He noticed that one photo showed him riding a camel close to the pyramids while he was texting on his phone.

That image of him taught him the value of enjoying vacations without worrying about work. He felt that it is important that a person completely disconnects himself from work or technology when on vacation. He wants to encourage his employees to do the same.

Some of his engineers have taken the vacation offered to them by Lorang.

Robbie Jack, one of his engineers, said he had a tough time giving up his gadgets during his trip. But it gave him the chance to recharge before going back to work.

Lorang also hopes that the bonus would entice top engineers to work at his company. He said he has trouble finding qualified engineers.

So for those of you who want to get a paid vacation, FullContact is hiring for iOS and Mac developer and platform engineer. Of course, you have to be qualified to get the job.

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