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Connecticut School Tragedy

The school massacre in Connecticut was a sad day for the U.S. and around the world. It brought victims’ families, parents, friends, and President Obama to tears.


The shooter, Adam Lanza, was said to be unwell, reported by ABCNews. He shot his mother, Nancy Lanza, first and then drove himself to Sandy Hook Elementary School where he killed 28 people Friday morning. The gun he used was owned by his mother.

Lanza made his way into the building where he used a high-power rifle. He killed children between five and 10 years old. Six adults were killed at the school including the school principal who tried to stop him.

When he realized that first responders were coming, Lanza took his own life. According to the police, Lanza had “lots of ammo” on him when he died. It was enough to cause more bloodshed.

Police at Sandy Hook Elementary School
Police at Sandy Hook Elementary School
Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut
Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut

Children being laid away from the school by police.
Children being laid away from the school by police.

Federal agents interviewed dozens of gun stores and shooting ranges across connecticut hoping to cast some light on Lanza’s troubled life.

Authorities hoped to get answers as to why his mother kept a cache of high-power weapons in the house and what caused him to massacre innocent children at the school?

Families mourn outside Nancy Lanza's home.
Families mourn outside Nancy Lanza’s home.

According to Gov. Dannel Malloy and police, there were no letters or diaries found that may lead them to Lanza’s actions.

Family and friends told ABC News that Adam was “troubled” and Nancy was “rigid.”
Barbara Frey, a friend of the family, described Adam as “not connected with the other kids.” She said he was “a little bit different…. kind of repressed.”

Police first thought the shooter was Adam’s brother, Ryan.

Ryan posted on his Facebook page indicating that he was at work all day. Police have determined he was at work on Friday and that he was not the shooter.

Lanza’s father, Peter, drove to New Jersey to talk to police and the FBI. He is a vice president at GE Capital and is a partner at Ernst & Young. Ryan Lanza had also been working at Ernst & Young.

Several of the Lanza’s relatives and friends are being interviewed by the FBI in the hopes off explaining what happened on Friday.

Former FBI profiler, Mary Ellen O’Toole said:

“I think the most important thing to point out with this kind of individual is that he did not snap this morning and decide to act out violently. These acts involve planning and thoughtfulness and strategizing in order to put the plan together so what may appear to be snap behavior is not that at all.”

The tragedy brought President Obama to tears.
The tragedy brought President Obama to tears.

President Obama honours the victims of the Connecticut school shooting. The President had to pause a few times to wipe tears in his eyes:

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