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Cop Punches Woman In Face and Found NOT Guilty

Veteran police officer of 19 years Jonathan Jossey was acquitted after a two week decision period debating whether or not his actions during the Puerto Rican Parade on September 30th 2012 constituted excessive force or not.

The story goes that the victim Aida Guzman, 39 was at the parade when some of the parade goers began pelting the patrolling police officers with beer. Upon being pelted officer Jossey turned saw Guzman with beer in her hand and was allegedly aiming to knock the cup from her hand when he struck her in the face.

The video however seems to indicate a clear intent to pay her back for the perceived slight, as it turns out Guzman had shot some silly string at passing police cars earlier but nothing more. She claims that she no longer feels safe enough to go to another Puerto Rican day parade. However her trauma did not factor into the courts decision as Jossey was acquitted and is now seeking to regain his posting, which he had lost in the wake of the scandal. Upon the verdict his fellow officers who littered the crowd erupted into applause.

This incident has caused an increase in anti police sentiment, and the courts reaction did nothing to diminish that.

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  • Abigeal Roy

    I wouldn’t have liked it if the cop lost his job, but he deserved some sort of punishment for violating peoples rights.

  • Ruth Jons

    It was not right for the cop to Punch the woman, he was not even sure whether she was the caplet

  • Peter Steve

    It was not fair for the cop to be a acquitted, he did a mistake.