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Cop Bust A Move In Convenience Store

A cop dances in a convenience store.

The video was taken by a convenience store surveillance camera.

The cop comes in already swaying and snapping his fingers. He then does a robotic dance move with a bit of Michael Jackson moves.

While he was deciding on what drink to get, he continues to dance. It’s unsure if the background music was actually being played at the time, but he was definitely in a dancing mood.

cop dances in a convenience store

  • Rahim Zafar

    He might be thinking he do this silently but the camera was captured it.. lollllll

  • Amber

    Did this cop knows that there is a surveillance camera? I think he does, he dances very well LOL

  • Madeline

    It is hard to hide what you really feel from within. LOL This cop is obviously loves to dance!

    • Julia

      Yeah, and he like Michael Jackson’s move!

  • Olga

    Great Michael Jackson moves! I wonder what FTD next featured video, they seems interesting!

  • Lily

    Oh the cop are so confident that nobody could see him.. LOL

  • Lyssa

    Great dancing moves! 😀

  • Sean

    Well if you don’t let it out, it will surely explode like this video! I wonder what this cop felt when viewing his video. LOL

  • Allen

    Good to see a cop who knows how to dance! 😉

  • Jason

    Oh man, that cop dances well!

  • Marsha Sanchez

    It is awesome to see a dancing cop! 😉