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Cop Masturbates in Car While on Duty (VIDEO)

Although the video does not show Mike Eiskant, former Santa Fe cop, masturbating the audio can sure tell you what he was doing. While on duty, he decides to unzip his pants and masturbate while viewing pictures on his cellphone.

At one point, he says, “Oh, show me those big beautiful breasts, baby.”

Former officer Shannon Brady wasn’t surprised about Eiskant’s behaviour in the video. She claims Eiskant has a reputation of being a “creeper” and stalking women.

According to Brady, she tried to file a harassment complaint against Eiskant to the Sante Fe police department’s human resource division years ago. The department at the time was handled by Raymond Rael who has since been promoted to chief of police.

Rael denies knowledge of Eiskant’s previous actions.

“I did not have prior knowledge, and if I did, I would have acted,” Rael said.

Apparently Eiskant was given the badge number 69, but Rael claims this was a coincidence and was not intentional.

Eiskant has been charged on Thursday of two counts of attempt to commit a felony (false imprisonment), one count of stalking, two counts of harassment and other charges including larceny and possession of marijuana. Seven of these occurred in 2011

According to the complaint the counts of false imprisonment, stalking and harassment relate to traffic stops involving female drivers.

In a statement from Attorney General Gary King’s office, Eiskant agreed he “will never again become a law enforcement officer anywhere in the United States.”

Unfortunately for the women he has harassed, Eiskant will not face jail time. The attorney general agreement stated “probation length, at initial sentencing, shall not exceed one year, and may be converted to unsupervised probation, in the discretion of the court, after any mandatory counseling has been completed.”