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Costa Allegra adrift in the Indian Ocean

A second Costa cruise ship is in the news this week. The Costa Allegra, part of the same fleet as the Concordia, was left adrift in the Indian Ocean after a fire broke out in the engine room. The ship is left with no engine power, lights and general power.

Over 1000 passengers and crew were stranded about 200 miles south-west of the main Seychelles archipelago.

The coast of Tanzania, where the cruise ship is adrift, has experienced attacks from Somali pirates. However, a cruise ship has never been hijacked. This leaves many concerned for the safety of the whole ship.

The Italian consul in Seychelles confirmed that a security detachment of nine Italian marines were on board and trained to protect civilians.

In light of this recent cruise ship incident, Jayne Thomas waits for news of her daughter, Rebecca, who works as a dancer for Costa Allegra. She has not heard news of her daughter since the ship was stranded.

The Thomas’ had been struck twice with unfortunate events. Six weeks ago her son, James, was aboard Costa Concordia as it sank off the coast of Italy. He was able to get out safely and is now home with her. He along with his mother are hoping that his sister is safe.

As two French fishing trawlers pull the cruise ship to Port Victoria, the capital of Seychelles, Mrs. Thomas would have to wait a little longer to get news of her daughter. The ship is expected to arrive Thursday.

The previous accident has already caused Carnival, owner of Costa Cruises, shares to fall on the New York and London Stock exchanges.