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Courtney Stodden’s Half-Sister: Courtland (VIDEO)

Courtney Stodden is either desperate for an acting gig or she’s developed multiple personalities.

The controversial 18-year-old wore a brunette wig and filmed herself claiming to be her half-sister named Courtland.


The three-minute video features Courtney introducing herself as Courtland and going on a rant about how her half-sister is a slut.

Courtland wore a red bra, black leotard, and ripped fishnet stockings, as she goes on her rant about her supposed half-sister.

“Let me just say Courtney Stodden… do I have to go any further. Yeah, I kinda do. She’s my sister and she’s a slut. Let me just get one thing straight.”

“Courtney and I are half-sisters. At least I have half of my f*** dignity left.”

“I’m not going to, like, my judgmental place but I’m from Washington state okay? I would never go and move to Hollywood and marry some bald washed up D-lister. I’m not a f*** whore.”


“She says her hair is real, her lips are real, her eyelashes are real, her eyebrows are real, her nose is real, her face is real, really? My half-sister isn’t real… REAL.”

Then the aspiring actress goes on to strum an imaginary guitar and pretends to hold on to an imaginary pet.

This video is just one of Courtney’s bizarre collections of self-promotion. But enough of what we think. What do you think of Courtney’s video?

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  • Hannah Peters

    This story is so boring,

  • Lillian Barni

    I really don,t understand what is wrong with courtney, half sisters or not, why can’t she mind own business.