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  • Favio

    And that why, I love photoshop.. Photoshop you’re great !!!

  • LoliPop

    The maximum number of movie beauties are not really beautiful. They use make-up or such types of things for keeping up their artificial beauty and the glamor world use photoshop to increase their beautification. But, I know about some actress who’s are really beautiful to look. They don’t need to use any kind of fake mask to hide their original face. I think all should avoid the artificial things.

    • Daniel

      You’re quite right.

  • Francis

    Now I know their secret! lol So we must not admire those pretty faces we’ve seen in the pictures! They might be using this “Photoshop Cream”. 😀

  • Tittery

    I know about this and I’m a worker in this field (Graphic Designer). So, for that I’ve to make harsh face to smother one 😉

  • William B

    Really it’s the crazy truth about their beauty. So, all credit goes to “Photoshop Fairness Cream”, yeah ???

  • Kelly Johnson

    The secret of being such a beauty has been revealed! lol

  • Lyssa

    Unbelievable! I thought they are really unexceptional gorgeous! lol

  • Natalie

    Should I purchase an adobe Photoshop cream too? :-) Very funny if all their beauty are all edited!

    • Tittery

      Yeah, you can. It is already in your PC.. lollll 😉

  • Yoga Lee

    The “Photoshop Cream” can change one’s total look. Now it’s matter that, how beautiful you are. Just use this cream and turn yourself into another one 😉 lolzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!

  • Dell stein

    Ahhh… That’s the real secret of their beautification!!!