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Crazy Woman Apprehended On Bus (VIDEO)

Three men tried to remove a woman who some say was “crazy” from a bus.

Users who posted the video claim she escaped from a mental institution and that is why she was taken off the bus.


A man dressed in a security uniform and two man dressed in blue scrubs subdued her while she screamed “I didn’t do anything.”

While being pulled out of the bus she yells, “You can’t lock in a room all day.”

But one of the men kept saying, “it’s alright sweetie, it’s going to be all right.”

There was no info as to why the woman was on the bus and why these men took her out.

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  • Donaldson

    She must have done something.

  • Rick Rose

    She was running away so that she may not be rocked in a room

  • http://yahoo samuel

    This was not the way to handle for lady.

  • Welberk

    She was not crazy

  • Emmilio

    This was not the way to handle a lady crazy or not, Men style up!

  • Mark Don

    It seems like these men wanted to take her back to a mental hospital, that’s why they had a security guy.

  • Kate Pery

    One man must have been her boyfriend because he called her sweetheart.

  • Serena

    She is too smart and stylish to be crazy

  • Chris

    No one knows whether she was crazy or not