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  • Elly

    What a creature !!! I must have to appreciate the creator of this sculpture !!!

  • Michael

    How he create such types of sculpture from sand ?? Great work !!!

  • Tim Clerk

    Just awesome sculpture!! I can’t believe, how can the designer built it (with sand) ???

  • Jason

    I was surprised seeing this wonderful great sculpture! I cannot believe that it is really made from sand.

  • Mahbub

    Great work.. No one can believe that it is a creature of sand!! Recently, when I visited the largest see beach of the world in Bangladesh and there I’ve seen a creature like that. I was totally amazed to see that !!!

    • William B

      And I’ve first see it on India !!!

  • Madeline

    Wow amazing! Is it really a sand? The creator must have a golden hands! thumbs up!