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Cruise Ship Finally Docks But Passengers Stranded Again

After five days of being stranded at sea, passengers finally set foot on land, but was met with another nightmare.

The Carnival Triumph cruise ship docked in Mobile, Alabama at 9:30pm after slowly crawling into port. Hundreds of passengers boarded buses headed for New Orleans, Galveston and Houston.

Passengers stranded while on the bus to New Orleans
Passengers stranded while on the bus to New Orleans

The passengers endured days without water, heat or working bathrooms. All have not had a hot meal in five days.

The passengers thought they were home free when they boarded the buses. But as luck would have it, one of the buses broke down leaving the passengers stranded once again.

The bus that was headed to New Orleans broke down at 2:30 a.m., but was able to continue on after an hour.

Passengers cheering after they disembarked Carnival Triumph.
Passengers cheering after they disembarked Carnival Triumph.

‘The bus literally breaks down,’ passenger Clark Jones told Live at Daybreak. ‘It comes to a stop in the middle of the highway. We have to pull over to the side. It’s dark. All the lights on the bus go out.’

According to Jones, there were mixed reactions amongst the passengers in the bus. Some laughed it off, but others were clearly not pleased.



Hours before that, passengers cheered and sang “Sweet Home Alabama” as the cruise ship slowly crawled its way to the dock.

Some passengers wrote Valentine’s Day messages. But one message said: “The ship’s afloat, so is the sewage.”



The ship was stranded for five days due to an engine fire that killed power to the ship. Passengers tweeted about the conditions they lived through while on board the stranded ship. Many described how there was sewage sloshing down corridors and being asked to go to the bathroom in red plastic ‘biohazard’ bags.

After docking in Mobile, CEO Gerry Cahill once again apologized to passengers who have gone through the ordeal.

‘Clearly we have failed,’ he said. ‘The most important thing for me now is to get on board and to apologize to our guests and that is what I am going to do now.’

The $420 million Carnival Triumph was called the pride of the Carnival fleet. Now it’s a floating toilet.

Check out some of the photos from Carnival Triumph:









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  • Vicrotia Brians

    Glory be to the almighty that all the passengers finally got to their destination safe and sound.

  • Ruth Jons

    The CEO did a good thing by apologizing, at-least he showed concerned

  • Dalumas Nick

    there was no need of the CEO apologizing when he re tally did nothing when the passengers were suffering.

  • Dickson

    Why were the passengers not sent another ship to rescue them, they went through hell when it could have been avoided.

  • Shalon Marcars

    I really am sorry to the passengers who thought dawn has come only to realize they are still in darkness.