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Dad Saves Son From Falling Off Cliff & Gets Ticketed

image of father and son walking togetherFrank Roder saved his son from falling off a cliff while his Jeep fell into the water.

Roder was out at a park with his son. Just as they pulled in, his son hopped out of the car.

“He hopped out, and I thought that was okay, I was just going to park,” Roder, 38, said, but “he just took off, made a beeline for the edge.”

The Union County police was called into the scene soon after incident.

Even though his car was destroyed, Roder was just happy to see his son safe. But a cop at the scene approached him and gave him two tickets.

The first ticket was for failure to use a parking break. The second was for failing to show his insurance card.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Roder said. “He said, ‘If you would have taken the five seconds to apply the brake, this never would have happened!’

He asked the cop what would have happened if he let his child fall off the edge. The cop responded, “Jail, for child endangerment.”

Union County Police Chief Daniel Vaniska would not comment on the actions of the officer.

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