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Daredevil Rope Walked Between Moving Trucks (VIDEO)

Faith Dickey walk on a rope from one truck to another while the trucks were moving at 50 mph.

Dickey’s objective was to slack line walk from one truck to the other before the trucks got into a tunnel.

Slack lining is different from tight rope as the rope is not pulled as tight. The line has a little bit of slack and bouncy while the stunt-person walks on it.

Dickey performed the ballerina stunt in the video as two precision drivers drove the trucks. Both drivers had to had to make sure that they did not drive to far or too close from each. One driver said that if the rope is pulled too tight or becomes too loose Dickey could fall.

The stunt was filmed on a newly built highway in Croatia. Apparently, it was the only country that agreed to the stunt.

Volvo Trucks was behind the video ad which was posted on YouTube.

Many thought the stunt was fake and left comments on the YouTube page proclaiming that the video wasn’t real.

However, the director told CNN that the stunt was real. And that Dickey was able to complete the stunt seconds before entering the tunnel. He claims the stunt was successful and Hollywood editing just gave the video a little more excitement.

two trucks speeding while woman walk a rope between them in a Croatian highway