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Dead Woman Gives Birth To Baby Girl

A baby was saved from her mother’s lifeless body after a fatal wreck. Knowing the mother was dead, emergency personnel performed CPR to give the baby, Maddyson, a chance to live.
Maddyson was out of critical condition by Friday afternoon, but it is uncertain whether the child suffered brain damage due to a lack of oxygen.
Sarah Iler died in the collision. The mother-to-be, was originally from Poplar Bluff, Missouri, was headed to the hospital bcuz Maddyson’s birth was imminent, according to her sister, Kasandra Iler. Sarah Iler was already dilated, and was trying her best to heed the doctor’s advice and carry Maddyson as long as possible. She already was past her original due date of May 10, but since she was petite and slender, there was a worry the baby was going to be born too small.
At 8:04 a.m. a tanker truck struck a red Chevrolet Blazer.the vehicle Sarah was in,
the tanker truck barreled into the Blazer, pushing the SUV into the median. The Blazer overturned and threw both Rider(sarahs partner) and herself. Kansandra said her sister was killed on impact, but firefighters and EMTs rushed to give Iler CPR in an effort to save her baby.
Sarah was taken to Saint Francis Medical Center, where an emergency cesarean section was performed. Maddyson immediately was put on a ventilator. Maddyson was born 4 pounds, 15 ounces — small enough that she needed special treatment.

On Friday, Maddyson was taken off the ventilator. It’s too soon to tell whether brain damage occurred, Kasandra said quote.The thought never once entered my head that that baby might die,” “I felt my sister gave her life to save this baby. That’s how God wanted it. We’ve been calling her our little miracle.”

Rider , Sarahs companion and driver had few ribs broken, and endured several surgeries. But seems to be fine.

The Iler family has set up a account to raise $5,000 to pay for the funeral with Moore’s Funeral Service in Poplar Bluff. The family does not have a lot of money, and that is compounded by Sarah not having life insurance, Kasandra said. More than $3,400 had been raised.

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