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Disney Banned Tinkerbell Wanna Be From Animal Kingdom

Disney’s Animal Kingdom made 15-year-old April Spielman cry after they banned her from the park because she wore a Tinkerbell Costume.

Spielman spent hours dressing up as Tinkerbell so that she can make her boyfriend’s first trip to Disney a memorable one. She colored her eyes green and even sprinkled glitter all over her body. Her costume was so true to Disney’s official Tinkerbell costume that she was told by guards she wasn’t allowed inside the park until she changed.

According to Disney’s guest policy, adults are not allowed to wear costumes that closely resemble their official Disney characters. This policy is clearly laid out in the company’s website. But there are no rules for kids under 10 wearing costumes inside the park.

Disney employees gave Spielman free clothes in order for her to get into the park. But this did not make her happy. She wanted to go to the park dressed as Tinkerbell. Unfortunately, Disney spoiled her dreams.

What do you think? How is Disney okay with letting kids go in with costumes, but not adults? Is Disney being unreasonable?

girl dressed up as tinkerbell - disney banned her

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  • Phil Smith

    oh well… thats life… GET USE TO IT!
    WDW has rules.