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Dolphin Bites Girl In SeaWorld Florida

This little girl was feeding the dolphins at SeaWorld Florida and was bit by one of them.

Eight-year-old Jillian Thomas was having a fun time feeding the dolphins in SeaWorld Florida. Her parents were videotaping her while she continued to feed them.

When Jillian ran out of fish to give out, she held up the white box that contained the fish. As she held it up, a dolphin lunged at the white box and at the same time grabbed her arm along with it.

The dolphin punctured her hand in three spots and caused a little bleeding. Other than that, the she was okay.

Her father, Jaime Thomas, said it was traumatic for his daughter. He said that the attraction is dangerous.

SeaWorld issued a statement to CNN stating:

“Nothing is more important to us than the health and safety of our guests, employees and animals. Educators and animal care staff are always on-site at this area. monitoring all interactions and are committed to guests safety. ”

Apparently, the parents were told repeatedly not to pick up the trays which unfortunately their daughter mistakenly did.

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  • Povoloski

    Surely when you feed animals, you expect there’s a chance something like this could happen. Plus, she looked like she was barely hurt – how is this even news?

  • Sheri

    I suppose the dolphin will be put down, or the family will call for all the dolphins’ teeth to be pulled out.

  • Masum

    A non story. She held on to the food, there was no damage. Now if her arm had been bitten off then there would be a story.

  • Gracia

    Quite simply dolphins are not pets.

  • Favio

    Bloody good job too ! These highly intelligent animals are not meant to be taken from their natural homes and imprisoned for our amusement in some lousy pool , although 99% certain this was an accidental nip I say “Go Flipper” !

  • Gracia

    Ohhh!! This kids didn’t think that it’ll bite her :(