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Drifting In Saudi Arabia (VIDEO)

Saudi Arabian men drift in public streets.

Drifting is a stunt where a car skids and spins in high speeds. The stunt is considered reckless and dangerous. However, celebrities sensationalize it.

Drifting has become popular in Saudi Arabia. The stunt originated from Japan. It is a high risk adrenaline rush that

The movie Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift in 2006 featured it in one of their scenes.

Young men in Saudi Arabia normally attempt the stunt on empty roads. However, there are the daredevils that do it on busy roads.

In one video, a driver drifts while narrowly missing a school bus.

Some of these joy riders can careen off the road just like one of the videos that shows a black car rolling off to the side of the road.

Last JUne 2012, a man who hit and killed two onlookers while drifting had been sentenced to death.

Some are arguing that drifting can be a sport if done safely.

Ahmed Al-Ameri says you can drfit safely. He has been promoting it as a sport. He drifts in a track instead of public streets. He suggests that people can drift in a track where they can achieve hours of enjoyment compared to a few seconds in public streets.

However, even with a safer option most young men like the adrenaline rush from going against the rules to drift in public.

car drifting in Saudie Arabian street while people watched

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