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Driver Attacks Blind Man For Crossing Street Too Slow (VIDEO)

Road rage driver attacks a blind man because he was taking too long to cross the road.

In a horrifying moment caught on video, the footage shows the driver throwing punches at the blind man.

The blind man was walking with his guide dog at a crosswalk. They took a little longer than usual to cross because they were unfamiliar with the crosswalk and that was when the crazed driver rushed towards him.

The blind man’s brother and sister-in-law tried to protect him, but the driver kept swinging punches and knocked her to the ground.

The driver tried to leave, but angry locals confronted him.

The family does not want to press any charges, but they want the drive reprimanded that way he will think twice about his actions.

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  • Costy

    Step 1: Enter store. Step 2: Retrieve WINDOW TREATMENT from secure hindig place. Step 3: kill the resistance and steal the mini-gun. Make a run for your car. once inside hit the gas, and escape to the base.

  • Duncun

    Bloody driver, maybe he drank too much!

  • Mark Fuller

    I’m really shocked to read this news!

  • Bolt

    OMG! What type of attitude is that?