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Drug-filled Lollipops Found In Ghana Airport

Cocaine-filled lollipops were found being smuggled into Britain.

UK Border Force officers discovered the drug-filled lollipops in an airport in Ghana. Hundreds of these innocent-looking candies were packed with lethal amounts.

The stash is said to be worth £200,000. The lollipops were wrapped inside colourful plastic bags.

The UKBF arrested a 29-year-old Ghanaian man after the bags of candies were discovered in a briefcase.

Home Office minister Mark Harper said, “Disguising a deadly drug as a harmless bag of children’s sweets shows the depths people sink to in order to smuggle drugs. ”

“The international drug trade is a vile business that Border Force officers play a key part in disrupting.”

Officials say they had been working in Ghana for six years to stop drug smugglers that uses Gahana as a bridge into Britain.

In those six years, 860 kilos of cocaine and 323 kilos of heroin had been seized while170 drug couriers were arrested.

UKBF customs director Tom Dowdall added: “The fact that the drugs were concealed inside lollipops, that would be almost certainly fatal if eaten, make this smuggling attempt all the more shocking and dangerous.”

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