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Drunk Teen Punches People On Bus (VIDEO)

Somewhere there is a person making the argument that the British are stodgy, uptight and oh so classy, they have clearly not seen the following video.

Somewhere in London on a trolley car far far away… there was a public disturbance as a teenage girl caused a ruckus by assaulting some male passengers.This public lush could not stand the ridicule she has brought upon herself and thus resorted to violence to stop the laughter (it does not work). After yelling ‘I’ll f****** smash your face in’ she hits the first man stating ‘you soon shut up now, didn’t you?’ She then with a complete lack of irony slaps him stating ‘behave your f****** self’.


Despite her friend’s attempt to calm her down the men on the bus continue to rile her up for their own amusement, even after she apologizes to themĀ ‘I’m sorry ‘are you going to stop laughing at me?’ (they do not), causing her to come back again and again. While her comments of ‘You don’t know who I am’ and ‘you shouldn’t be laughing at me’ are amusing in how juvenile they are, it is frankly disturbing that this situation continues for so long. One wonders what the rest of the passengers were doing, well aside from the one who filmed it. Nobody comes off looking good in this video even though the young men in question seem to believe they have standards. At one point when she encourages them to hit her, they respond that they will not because she is a girl…and they said chivalry was dead.


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  • Maximillian

    The teen really embarrassed herself, why did she go to drink knowing very well she couldn’t control herself?

  • Small Tedd

    If you go to the market and get a mad person naked, you remove clothes, no one will differentiate between the two, it seems like this men were also drunk.

  • Mercy Johnson

    This men should not have laughed at this teen, she didn’t know what she was doing because she was under influence of alcohol.