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Edible Deodorant For Body Odour

One time or another any one of us has encountered someone with bad body odour. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell them out right, but there are times that it becomes unbearable.

So, what do you do?

You can offer them a piece of Deo Perfume Candy. It’s a new product featured as edible deodorant.

American nutrition and health company, Beneo, and Bulgarian candy maker, Aipi, developed the candy that will leave the person who ingests it “smelling like a bed of roses.”

Based on scientific research in Japan, this innovation when ingested will release aromatic compounds through the skin.

The company says one serving size (four pieces) when ingested by a person weight 145 pounds could last for six hours.

These edible deodorant candies are already being sold in Germany, Spain, China, Korea and Armenia. The product will soon be available in the u.S. But it’s also available for sale online.

Would you use the edible deodorant?

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  • Sheri

    Good idea! Really!!

  • Elly

    I hope they come out with prank versions to make people smell bad, too 😛

  • Saifullah

    Does anyone notice, deodorant seems to disappear quickly after purchase. I use to replace mine yearly, now it is every 3 months.

  • Dell stein

    I’ve found that showering once a month makes me smell fresh enough.

  • Kevin

    Good idea, but not for that price!

  • Bolt

    It’s badly needed for black peoples!

  • Virat

    It will be great for someone, I think 😉