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Elderly Man Keeps Fit By Working Out In The Cold (PHOTOS)


A 77-year-old man from northeastern China stays fit by working out in freezing cold temperature.

Gao Yinyu jogs and maneuvers himself on parallel bars just like a gymnast. Then he takes a dip in a lake. He does all this in -25 degree Celsius weather (-13 degrees Fahrenheit) wearing only his underwear.

According to reports, Yinyu has been exercising using this routine for 10 years, but has never gotten sick.

Check out Gao Yinyu’s exercise regime in photos:



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  • Rahab

    He is just showing off but too bad, he won’t impress any one

  • Agel

    The day he will get sick, he will die because of exposing himself too much to the cold

  • Natalia

    Wao, that,s wonderful news at-least the old man is not idol,

  • olive

    He is a real man, The kind of men we need in the society

  • Chris

    Ten years?! and he has never gotten sick, He is really blessed

  • Christopher

    He is really awesome,I have never seen such an aged man keeping fit especially in cold weather