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Elderly Woman Yanked Off Maimi Metro Train (VIDEO)


A Miami Metrorail security forced an elderly woman off the train because she was singing gospel songs.

In the cell phone video, Emma Anderson, 82, can be seen singing gospel hymns when a guards walks up to her and says, “Let’s go. You’re getting off here.”

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The security guard then grabs her suitcase and yanks it along with Anderson. As she fell, Anderson could be heard crying for hep.

Other train commuters gasped in horror as they witnessed Anderson fall onto the platform. One passenger could be heard saying “Oh, hell, no” and asked for the security guard’s name.

According to Miami-Dade Transit spokesperson Karla Damian, county rules associated with transit use prohibit anyone from singing, dancing or playing a musical instrument unless a commercial permit is issued.

The statement released by Miami-Dade said:

“The elderly passenger, Ms. Anderson, who was escorted from a Metrorail train, was initially asked by a security guard to refrain from singing loudly and playing an instrument while on the train.”

“…She refused to comply.”

“We regret that Ms. Anderson had to eventually be escorted out, but regardless of age, all passengers need to abide by the rules associated with using transit.”

Do you think the security guard had the right to pull the elderly woman out? Or did they go too far?

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  • Lillian Barni

    The woman took advantage of her age and thought she was immune from rules but she had no right to do that

  • David Bricks

    The woman could not have been escorted out if she abided with the rules

  • William Stephens

    The guard need to be fined and arrested

  • john Wales

    Am so ashamed that even the transit spokeman is trying to justify this action done by one of his staff

  • Shalon Marcors

    May be the woman was suffering from singing and couldn’t control herself

  • Hannah Peters

    This was not right at all